1. Networking

Do not underestimate the power of Networking. As an event planner, you deal with multiple vendors to execute the best event. That’s why having a good network always helps. Building good relationships with florists, caterers, hotels, and venues will allow you to deliver the ambitious ideas your clients have. You can also use your relationship with vendors to negotiate lower costs, increasing your profits!

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2. Advertising & Social Media

Think carefully before spending money on advertising. Some of the most effective methods can be free (trust me, we learnt the hard way!). Social media has become an integral part of the daily routine. Use Facebook and Instagram to share photos share the photos and details of the events you have organised.

Top Tip: Create a budget for your marketing spend and stick to it! It is easy to get carried away and overspend.

Trick:  Trial different methods (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Leaflets, Bloggers, etc) on a small scale. Find what works for you and focus on that!

3. Satisfied Customers

Set customer expectations and exceed them! Happy customers are much more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Growing your business.

4. Business Cards

Always carry business cards. You never know when you’ll run into a potential client. Well-printed business cards are very effective tools to make good impression on the customer. Include the name of your business, contact information (e-mail, phone and website address, for instance), your name, specialization, your logo, and some testimonials from past clients.

Top Tip: Ask vendors you work with (florists, caterers and photographers, for instance) if you can leave a stack of business cards with them. They can hand them out if anyone needs an event planner.

5. Get online

You look for anything and everything online. So do your customers. That’s why it is a necessity to be online regardless of the size of the business. A good website that looks authentic and provides all the basic details about your services will get you more customers. The higher your website ranks on search engines like Google, the more customers you will get.

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