For all the beautiful brides planning their wedding (and grooms – who don’t classify as color blind and who can be bothered!!!), The Event Bubble bloggers have been working hard to put together this chic, trendy and elegant (to say the least) explosion of complementary colors to help!

It’s no secret that comparing and contrasting colors is quite an intimidating task, particularly for those who weren’t quite so lucky to be blessed with creativeness, or for those who got an excess of the ‘stress’ gene! Regardless, as promised we will always be on stand by for that little bit of help you may need!

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Thinking in pink!

A soft shade of pink has got even the boys blushing this year! Oh the combinations you can use have got every one taking a second look. 

The beautiful thing about these shades of pink is that they instinctively set a tone of romantic elegance. And because of their subtleness, they can be used alone or in combination across the board – your invites, your bridesmaid dresses, your blush, your nails, your flowers, your centerpieces etc.

Pink has a naturally complementing nature to it and its no surprise that it harmonizes quite attractively with a range of colors. Try it with gold, or an even trendier rose gold to add that little bit of glamour.










Or you could even keep the tones delicate but exquisite and combine it with a light grey and simply add some candlelight to brighten the décor and set the stage for your photographs!

                                            Play with Purple

I think it’s safe to say this gorgeous shade of lavender makes the champagne ‘pop’!

While not many people would think of this combination together, it is actually quite easy to incorporate a light shade of purple in to your color scheme.

Bow-ties, dresses, invitation ribbons, chair back ties are perfect accessories to do in this beautiful pastel purple especially when set with an equally soft shade of champagne. The two colors almost blend and stand out at the same time!

But wait – the best part is that if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and dare to be a tad bit bolder purple doesn’t only come in one shade and plum is one of the most beautiful colors for 2018.

It has a magnetic attractiveness about it, and it can be used just about anywhere in your décor, needless to say your drinks too – thanks to the convenient color of berries which blend just about perfectly!

S-teal my heart away

2018 is due to be full of beautiful colors, but when picking the last one to include in this blog, I couldn’t help but pick this one. I’m not sure if it’s because it stands out almost magically, or because it makes any metallic color look ever so glamorous (ironically as it is usually the other way around).

You can’t go wrong using this beauty in your wedding décor or attire, it will (exactly as you expect it to) s-teal yours and everyone else’s heart away 😉 I told you so!! It’s a color so stunning, you can put it against almost anything and it will bring it to life particularly when paired with metallic tones such as a copper or a matte gold.


Not to mention, it will do so at any time of year and in any setting.


So here we have it, the top three color combinations for your wedding picked by…

Yours Truly,