Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need a subscription?

No. Browsing our site is absolutely free. We want you to find the best people to make your event special.

How much does it cost?

Using The Event Bubble to connect with professionals is free. However, if you require their services, you will need to discuss pricing with the listing owner and pay them directly.

Can you plan my event?

We do not offer an event planning service at the moment. However, our blog has some great tips on how to plan your event. If you do not have the time to plan your event, you will be able to find an event planner that can do this for you on the site.

Should I trust the listing owner?

We carefully review all the listings on The Event Bubble to make sure the listing owners are genuine. Look out for the purple verification tick on the listing owner’s page. This shows that we have obtained positive references from their previous customers.

Listing owners also have reviews from customers just like you – check their rating before deciding who to use.

Why do some listings have a purple tick?

This shows the listing has been verified. This means that we have received references from previous customers recommending their services.Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 15.20.09

How do I contact the listing owner?

You can find the listing owner’s contact details on their page.

What's the best way to pay the listing owner?

Payment terms should be agreed between you and the listing owner. If possible, we recommend you meet face to face before any exchange of money or goods.

Things to avoid when making payment;

  • Do not use Ukash, Escrow, Western Union, MoneyGram to transfer money to the listing owner.
  • If you are paying with PayPal use ‘PayPal – Service’ as this is the one that will cover you. (Do not use ‘PayPal – Family & Friends’ and ‘’).
  • Do not share personal bank or credit card details.

How much does it cost to submit a listing on The Event Bubble?

We have two flat rate 30 day packages. Simply select the package that suits you.

Do you charge commission on the sales that I make?

No. We do not charge any commissions.

How do i submit a listing?

Submitting a listing is easy. Simply select your package and submit your company details. To increase interest in your listing we recommend adding photos and videos. Once we have approved the listing it will appear in The Event Bubble searches.

How do i edit a listing?

You can log in to the members area at any time to edit your listing.

What is a featured listing?

Featured listings will be styled differently and stand out in the listings. They give you more visibility and a better chance at selling.

How can I get my listing to appear on the homepage?

The homepage shows a selection of our featured listings. To get your listing to appear on the homepage you need to have the ‘Featured Listing’ package.

Can I upgrade to a featured listing?

Yes. You can upgrade your package at any time on the ‘My Account’ page in the members area.

How can i see how many people view my listing?

That’s easy! Once you create an account and submit a listing, you will have access to Smart Reports. This shows you total number of visits and the unique visits your listing has. You can also compare how you are doing compared to previous months. You can log in and check your statistics at any time.

I can't see my listing. Can you help?

Our team review all listings before they go live. It can take up to 24 hours for your listing to appear on The Event Bubble searches.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No. We have 30 day rolling contracts. You can cancel your contract at any time with no additional costs. Although, we hope you won’t need to!

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