They say – there’s no such thing as too much sparkle on New Years Eve! There really isn’t. There should be sparkle in the décor, sparkle in your outfit, sparkle in your make up (for the ladies) and of course in that glass of bubbly you have in your hand as the clock strikes 12!

There is however, nothing worse than taking a sip from that glass and while everyone else looks picture perfect for that New Year selfie, you can’t help but spoil a face (even if only slightly) for the drink you have in your hand tickled those taste buds (and not in a nice way, I might add)!

So we thought we could help. Use this quick and easy guide to help you pick your drink this evening and bring in the New Year sparkling!!

First and foremost – remember that ‘sparkling wine’ refers to all wines that contain bubbles – BUT not all sparkling wine can be champagne. If you’re the ‘classic’ kind then you’re looking for a champagne bottle from – well obviously Champagne, France! Keep in mind the sweetness/dryness can vary with ‘sec’ being the sweetest, ‘demi-sec’ being semi-sweet, and brut being on the drier side.

But classic authentic champagnes aren’t for everyone. A widely used alternative is the Italian sparkling wine more commonly referred to as Prosecco made from the Moscato Bianco grape. If you like dry rather than sweet drinks, Prosecco may just be perfect. Try it as either fully or semi-sparkling – either way it’s a great drink to be sipping at midnight!

But if you’re neither a champagne nor a wine drinker, and a cocktail-drinker is more your style then stick to the sparkle theme and bring in 2017 with a Bellini instead – a cocktail created from peach puree topped with Prosecco (and some sugar syrup if you need a little more sweetness!)

There you have it – 3 drink categories that you can have in that chic champagne glass and celebrate a magical New Years Eve with more SPARKLE than ever before!!

Wishing you a very happy new year with love,