It’s the most wonderful time of year!!! I can feel the holiday fever and festive cheer! It really is my favorite month – love and laughter is everywhere, but so are Christmas carols, bright lights and parties that aren’t fitting into my already pretty packed schedule. But take it from me; it is NEVER too early to start planning your outfits, your hair and YOUR MAKEUP! I mean if Vogue is talking about it – SO SHOULD WE!!

I realized when I first started this post it had the potential to be a LONG one. I could go on and on – the smoky eye, the perfectly winged liner, subtle cheek highlights. The thing is you know a winter beauty when you see one and I’ve got two make up tips to smash it this holiday season. Which one will you pick!?

  1. Glittery eyes!

Yes! Big girls wear glitter too. After all, all that glitters is most definitely GLAM! You can either go all out with the runway look using a shimmery metallic gold, concentrated on the inner corners but nonetheless making its way all around the eye.

OR! If that’s a little too masquerade for your liking, a slight gold shimmer on either the inner or outer corner which will automatically giving your long lashes a subtle but gorgeous glow is literally all the glitter you might need!

  1. Bold Dark Red Lip

Not only will the red put you into the holiday spirit, but combined with the ‘bold’ and ‘dark’ it’ll also make the perfect statement. It literally screams GORGEOUS especially when worn with a subtle blush and long dark dramatic lashes (if you wish using my personal favorite – Hypnose DRAMA by Lancome).

Are you hosting and/or attending the biggest most glamorous holiday party this season!? Contact one of our makeup artists and get the look! Trust me winter beauties, you won’t regret it!